Grand Prix Rules

The 2018 Mid America Off-Road (GP) Series

The 2018 Mid America Off-Road (GP) Series will consist of six (5) total rounds.
Each rider will get one (1) RACE throw-out.
Each rider MUST ride four (4) races to be considered for the YEAR END points championship.


 Gate Fee: The gate fee will be $10.00 per person for the entire weekend and Sunday only. Age 6 and under and age 65 and over will be admitted free.

Camping Fee: There will no camping fee for the entire weekend. Some locations offer RV hook-ups for an additional fee.

Entry Fee: Race Entry fees will be $35.00 per class

Pro class entry fee will be $40.00

 Race Entry for the Sportsman/Vintage race will be $25.00

Pee Wee/65/Girls/Ladies entry fee will be $25.00

Any rider competing in additional classes during the weekend will receive a $5.00 discount for each additional class. “Practice only” fee will be $15.00 (Big Bike course or Pee Wee course).

 Sign-up: Sign-up will close, for each class, 30 min before the scheduled start time of that classes first moto.

Transponder Fee: If a rider does not have a MAOR style transponder, they will be available at sign-up for $10.00 – REQUIRED. If they have a MAOR style transponder from another series, they may have it programmed at sign-up for no charge.

Numbers: If you do not have the correct numbers, these will be available at signup for $3.00 for a set of three.

Cancelled events will be rescheduled at the soonest possible opportunity. In a circumstance that an event cannot be rescheduled, the required race numbers may be reduced. The event may be rescheduled to another venue if necessary.

Each race’s first moto gate pick will be determined by random computer pick order. This includes pre registration for each event. If you pre register for an event, you still need to report to the office before you are officially registered for the event.

Event give-a-ways will be given out on a first come first serve basis. This means the first to report to the sign-up office at each event. Pre registering does Not guarantee you give-a-ways.  Give-a-ways may not be available at all events.

In the event of cancellation after an event is started, rain-checks may be given for part or all of the race fees that have been paid. Rain-checks are only good for the venue they are issued from. You must contact Teresa at within 24 hours of leaving the event. Gate fees refunds are up to the track owner and may not be refunded.

If a rider pre registers for an event and then cannot attend the event. MAD must be notified immediately or before the Tuesday after the event to be eligible for refunds.

Each rider must present the appropriate credentials before they will be allowed to enter the track at any time. This may include but is not limited to proof of paid gate fee, practice fee, entry fee.

Anyone accompanying a rider to the staging/starting area must present the appropriate event credentials.

Any person within the event grounds may be requested, at any time, to present event credentials.

Race Length: See the WEEKEND TIMES and CLASSES page for each class’s number of moto’s, time’s, and moto length. No white flag will be displayed. The checkered flag will be displayed upon the minute and second the event is scheduled to finish regardless of where the leader is on the track. The countdown time/clock starts when the first row starts the race.

Course Length and Layout: The length of the 50 Pee Wee course will be approximately 1 mile while the 65, and Girls course(s) will utilize additional sections, making them slightly longer. The big bike track will be 2-3 miles of  marked closed course that should contain a Motocross section, a natural terrain section and a grass track, graded or asphalt section. The course should be built with safety in mind. And large motocross jump sections should be avoided if possible and high speed sections should be kept to a minimum.

Practice: Practice will be split into big bike and youth. 50cc, 65cc and girls, will practice with the youth. Everyone else will practice with the big bikes. Once your practice section is over you will not be allowed to ride the course before your moto. Entering the track anywhere other than the staging area is grounds for disqualification for the entire weekend event. Cutting the track at any time is not permitted. Cutting the track during practice is not permitted in any way. Riders may not cut the track at the start of practice or loop back to re ride any sections. If a rider cuts the track at the start of his/her practice he/she will be black flagged and forfeit his practice section. (This is for the safety of the riders! There may still be riders on the last section of the track from the previous practice)


Riders MUST practice with their own ability level.

It is the duty and responsibility of the rider to determine the class in which he or she belongs.

“Practice Only”: If a rider wishes to only ride practice, they may do so for $15.00. If after the practice session they decide to enter the event, they may do so and the previously paid $15.00 will go toward their race entry.

Markings: Course markings will be a combination of arrows, ribbon, and track tape. The shared portions of the long course and short course will have red arrows and blue arrows. The long course only sections will have red arrows. The short course only sections will have blue arrows.

Caution Areas: Caution areas are designated by yellow flags or track officials signaling riders to slow down.


  • Riders must show up at the start at least 10 min before their moto for an update riders meeting.
  1. Starts: Events will be Start by Class. Classes with less than 5 may be combined for starts and will be scored separately. Start may be live or dead engine and may start with a green flag or start gates. Starts for all PeeWee and Ladies races will be live engine. The starter will give a 15 second warning. Classes will start one minute apart.
  2. Scoring Chute/Finish Line: The finish will be marked before the scoring chute. Riders should enter the scoring chute in the order they cross the finish line. All riders must enter the scoring chute at the completion of each lap in order to be scored. No passing is allowed inside the chute unless instructed by track staff. Riders who break through the chute will be considered off the track and may be passed by other riders. The scoring chute is considered a caution area.
  3. Pit Area: A separate pit lane/race lane area will be provided after the scoring chute for the pit crew’s convenience and safety. The pit lane is considered a caution area.
  4. Following the Course: Riders can be penalized for being more than 20 feet off of the marked course. In grass track, endurocross, or motocross sections, there is no 20 foot allowance. In these sections, if a rider goes inside of a corner marker or around an obstacle, they are considered off the course and can be penalized. A rider must stay between any double arrow markings on the trail – example: two arrows together on the left side of the trail and two arrows together on the right side of the trail require the rider to be between the arrows.
  5. Machine: A rider may not switch bikes during the race but may switch bikes between moto’s with the approval af the race official.
  6. Results: Results will be posted for viewing at either the finish or signup area.
  7. Protests: All protests must be filed within 30 minutes of the time the scores are posted after each race. Protests will be handled by the Mid America staff.
  8. Flags: Flags are defined as follows: RED: “STOP” – signifies the track is closed or shut off your engine at the start area 

 GREEN: “GO” – used to start the race or signifies the track is open

 YELLOW: “CAUTION” – used to slow riders down  


 BLACK: “STOP NOW” – An official wants to talk to the rider


  1. Engine Sizes: Any size machine may be ridden in any class, with the exception of the Youth and Pee Wee classes. The 85 and Junior classes are open to bikes 0107cc two stroke and 0-150cc four stroke; 19” wheel maximum. The 65 Pee Wee classes are open to bikes 0-65cc as well as PW80, XR80, JR80, TTR90, TTR110, KLX110, XR100, and CRF80F. The 50 Pee Wee classes are open to bikes 050cc.
  2. Age Classes: To be eligible for age classes, the rider must be the correct age on or before the day of the first event they compete in.
  3. Changing Classes: A rider may change classes voluntarily either laterally or by moving up, at any time during the season. However, previously earned points will not be carried over to the new class.
  4. Additional Classes: Riders may ride both the long course and short course events during the Weekend program. However, a rider cannot compete in two different ability levels.
  5. Additional Youth/Pee Wee Classes: Riders may ride in any Youth/Pee Wee class they meet the age/machine criteria for the weekend.
  6. End of Year Promotions: At the end of the season, the MAOR Promotion Committee will review and evaluate riders’ results to determine if any promotions are in order for the next season. The Committee reserves the right to promote any rider to an advanced class based on their finishes during the current year.     
  7. Pro Class: Participation in the Pro class is strictly voluntary.
  8. Vintage Class: The Vintage class will be for 1997 and older machines.
  9. Bike Numbers: Riders will be required to display their number on all three number plates. This is VERY IMPORTANT since this is the means by which the riders will be scored. Riders will not be scored without the proper numbers. Numbers will be available at signup for $2.00 per number. No helmet identification will be required.

Earning Series Points: A rider must complete one lap of the race course to be eligible for points. A rider that does not complete any laps but starts the race will not receive 1 point as credit for attending the event. Junior, Ladies, and Pee Wee riders that do not complete any laps of the race course but start the race will be awarded a score below that of the last place rider that did complete a lap. All riders must start the race to receive these points.

Points: The point system is as follows:  

OVERALL Finish Series Points
1 25
2 22
3 20
4 18
5 16
6 15
7 14
8 13
9 12
10 11
11 10
12 9
13 8
14 7
15 6
16 5
17 4
18 3
19 2
20 1
21 1
22 1
23 1
24 1

All Riders