Mid America Grand Prix


Weekend/Race Times/Classes


What is a Grand Prix (GP)?

2018 AMA Rule Book Page 107

A. General

1. A Grand Prix Event is held on a marked closed course that must contain a Motocross section, a natural terrain section and a grass track, graded or asphalt section. It may run in a single moto or multiple moto format at referee’s discretion.

2. Each loop will be a minimum of 2 miles and a maximum of 12 miles long. The race time shall be between 30 minutes and 2 hours. 3. The course will be sufficiently maintained throughout the event.

B. Start

1. Events will be Start by Class. Classes with less than 5 may be combined for starts and will be scored separately.

2. Start may be live or dead engine and may start with a green flag or green light.

C. Race Program

1. There may be a scheduled practice event prior to the start of each day of racing. No one except riders officially entered my ride or practice any portion of the course the day of the meet. If there is no scheduled practice, then anyone who lays out the course, marks it, or who in any way may have an unfair advantage through his involvement in organizing the meet, is prohibited from competing.

2. Youth and Pee Wee classes run a modified race course at the referee’s discretion.

3. No combination of ATV’s and Motorcycles may be run at the same time.

D. Scoring

1. The Checkered Flag will be given to the Overall leader when they have completed the designated amount of laps or the designated time has expired.

2. Riders must complete 50% of their class leader’s laps and take the checkered flag to be considered a finisher. If the leader completes an odd number of laps the total required is rounded down. Example: The leader turns 9 laps it will take 4 to be considered a finisher.

3. If multiple “Moto” Format is used the 2nd moto finish will be considered the tie breaker